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(Chapter 1) 01:22
Nestled between two mountains and by the Ville Sea There was a quaint town its people happy as can be The town’s name was Villetown Quite a glorious name it was named after a young pup back when king Henry reigned But lads, that’s beside the point of the story we have today what we will be recounting is a tale of hardship and dismay What we are about to tell you is a tale you won’t believe but just ask a villetown villager they will tell you how they grieved It all started on a day just like any other day the villagers were a waking to farm, and gather hay A little boy named jimmy wandered too far from his crop and what he found in the dark forest made him suddenly stop for there was a hungry creature tiptoeing through the trees a large hairy mammal just looking for company it frightened Jimmy so bad and caused a great uproar Oh, but this was only the begging Of what Villetown had in store
Sasquatch 03:40
Sasquatch He was walking through the brush A hungry creature in search of lunch Came across a little boy Said "that's not lunch, it's a boy" When I approach the humans they all run away Just trying to find a few pals but they all run away from me
(Chapter 2) 00:43
Have you ever heard the story Of the chupacabra The terrible beast of the trees He goes to eat goats And your ba-bies A very vile creature , not to be confused with ville He found his way to villetown in order to find his fill He munched on a few goats And was enjoying his day When pitchforks appeared in the distance As the villagers came to frighten him away Oh but chupa wouldn't leave Without eating much much more So he signed an official document And declared war
Chupacabra 01:42
I'm comin' for your goats Chu! pa! cab! ra! chupa! I'm gonna suck their blood Chu! pa! cab! ra! chupa! Chu! pa! cab! ra! chupa! Oh! shit! that's! not! a goat! It's! ac! tual! ly! a sheep! Little did he know That the sheep Was actually... Sasquatch !! hahahahaha
(Chapter 3) 00:23
The friendly lad of the sea sasquatch's most favorite company Nessy was seldom believed But believe me I believe He approached the evil that lies ahead With Sasquatch on his back The two creatures of the lord Marched forward to attack.
Nessie 03:14
Nessy is a dinosaur from the paleozoic era I heard that.. He likes ! to fuck around! with bad guys! So you better watch your back Nessy is made of steel, Kraken and Chupa are his meal I heard that.. He likes ! to fuck around! with bad guys! So you better watch your back Yeah, you need to watch your back you really need to watch your back He's comin for you! He's comin for you! Nessy swimmin in the ocean Nessy swimmin in the sea Gonna find Sasquatch and save the city.
(Chapter 4) 00:38
What's that in the ocean? What's that in the sea? The Kraken's comin for you he's gonna eat your baby BLEH! Then the waves swelled then the kraken came
(Chapter 5) 01:14
Twas the 32nd of November the year 2047 The people of Villetown roamed the earth That is until Mr. Troll Teetered his way for he had something to say "Yo ho! Yo ho! you wont believe what ive seen, for Villetown is no longer a safe place to be!"
Mr. Troll 01:24
"I am the troll hiding under the bridge. There is a deadly fight coming to town. yes there is. im telling the truth." Mr. Troll The people of Villetown were pretty scared But the troll always comes prepared. yes he does. very prepared. super prepared. Mr. Troll He's a pretty nice guy. "Hey all you villagers!!! A brawl is about to happen!! In your town of Villetown! I just wanted to warn you people!"
(Chapter 6) 00:51
Oh , we are all gathered here this day To witness our friends and foes, battle away Oh look over in yonder ! Coming over the hills What do we have here It's chupa and kraken They have finally appeared And wait , what's that arising from the sea Oh it's our hero Sasquatch riding on nessy Dear god I hope this end well For I can't afford to die I'll see you all in hell
The Battle 03:36
First came sasquatch riding on Nessy second came Chupa riding on the Kraken They! fought until the death Sasquatch threw a grenade Chupa threw a dead goat Nessy choked on the goat Kraken made a whirlpool They fought until the death Until there was nothing left Eeeyowanga uuhhha wada edowada hooo Oooo waa haa and a hooahoo They fought until the death Until there was nothing left... Sasquatch ate Kraken's head off and Chupa ran away, so far away
(Epilogue) 01:08
Now Villetown is safe and sound Nessy got a medal and Squatch got a crown Kraken got buried 6 feet in the ground Chupa's off in another town eatin other people's goats leaving Villetown's goats alone cause they need those goats they utilize them every day Now they're gonna celebrate


THE FINAL INSTALLATION OF THE VMAB STORY. Thanks to all the boys and lads and girls that did the thing to make us do this thing and the things for the last four years. Sup.
The album explores the tales of woe, courage, hardship, and brotherhood of the villagers of you-know-where.
“If only you knew me, you’d know how scary that is”


released December 6, 2017

Sir Nicholas Maloney - Gitar, VOX, troll boy, scared villager 1, huzzah villager 1, pirate 1, backup vox, chants, mandolin, banjo, fresh beats, synth

Sir Whitson Ramsey - drummies, electric bongos, bells, yells, shouts, singin’ in the back, scared villager 2, pirate 2, fresh beats on NESSY, words, chants

Sir Stephen Curley - bass, synth, Saz, yips, yaps, yups, shouts, grunts, chants, fresh beats, scared villager 3, pirate 3, official announcer on wVMAB radio, being a good boy to the OG 2 and adding a more than decent touch to the VMAB family :)

K Ries - pirate 4

Extra thanks to Chupa, kraken, samsquanch, nessy, and mr troll for allowing their stories to be told.

Love to all


all rights reserved



The Villetown Mountain Army Brigade Jackson, Mississippi

3 frinds writing songs that are sometimes good from result of coffee and angst towards systems of all kinds. Dont trust anyone love everybody and find a way to make dreemz come true stay real and dont regret punching infants ever but dont actually do that thats pretty mean and feel bad.

Nick play tha git
whit play tha drum
stevn play da bazz
... more

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